gLive Radio
gLive Radio
Call My Name : Joey
Describe gLive in 3 words.
: Fun Dance Party
What kind of dance music do you like?
: All kinds of music
Who is your favorite DJ?
: Calvin Harris. Because he is cute and talented.
Who is your favorite artist?
: Frank Sinatra. Because I love his voice and style.
Where is your favorite place to hang out?
: Gym. Because I love taking care my body. So you can please with it.
Which part of your body gets the most attention?
: Ass
Who are your hottest guys or gals ever?
: Ryan Reynold, Channing Tatam, Ryan Gosling, Chris Evan, Bradley Coopers
What's the one thing people should know about me?
: I have a very good tender voice. Follow my program and we will make you feel good.
What was the naughtiest prank you ever played?
: Telling my friend that I was the one who told the teacher that she cheated on the exam.
Define what is a chic lifestyle to you?
: Go casting with models and see them walk in fashion show.